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Scottish Ale • 4.8% ABV

Обновлено 26 июн 2022 в 07:03

Cask ABV: 4.8%. Bottle ABV: 5.2%. McEwan’s Signature is an ale that’s destined to become a classic. So much so, that Wells Head Brewer has put his name to it. It represents not just the ultimate in brewing excellence but also one of the first products in the revitalised McEwan’s brand family style. If it’s been hand-picked by our Head Brewer it should be a staple for many years to come. The chestnut brown tones coupled with an appealing aroma of citrus, biscuits and spice make McEwan’s Signature a tantalizing proposition. Lift the ale to your lips and you’ll be struck by the distinctive spicy biscuit flavour that sets it apart and above the competition. Generously hoppy but perfectly balanced, Signature will definitely get your seal of approval.

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