Põhjala × De Struise Brouwers

Пиво As Good As It Gets (Cellar Series) - Põhjala, De Struise Brouwers

Stout - Imperial / Double • 17.5% ABV • 46 IBU
Это пиво больше не производится пивоварней.

Collab with De Struise Brouwers. A celebratory Imperial Stout, double barrel aged for two years in Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels and Heaven Hill bourbon casks. Taste: Leather and tobacco join up with lightly burnt toast and a topping of raisin confit, before melting into sweet toffee and vanilla sauce. A thick and chewy oak character comes through with a healthy roasted coffee bitterness and intense malt character. A beer that allows for intense contemplation over how much you, the world, and the beer itself have seen. Appearance: Inky black with a mocha like brown head. Nose: Roasted chestnuts, dried figs and prunes, and vanilla laced coconut looms large from the glass, before inviting you in. Burnt sugar and caramels come through with sweet red berries and a touch of pine. Malts: Pale malt, Black malt, Chocolate malt, Cara 300, Brown malt, Roasted barley, Biscuit malt, Flaked oats, Dark sugar Hops: First Gold, Bramling X

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