Пиво Poklič: Hloh i hruša - Malanka

Farmhouse Ale - Saison • 6.3% ABV

To tell the truth, experimentation with saisons is our thing. This one is no exception. After aging the base beer in a red wine barrel for half a year, we loaded it with hawthorns. Yes, hawthorns. This is a fruit that is covered with urban myth, being a miraculous medicine against heart diseases. Well, even jams and wine are made from it! Soft, mushy, sweet, very apple-like, this is an outstanding fruit. As if hawthorns is not strange enough, we then added some sweet pear, and it all finally came together beautifully. Floral aromas, some wild meadow honey, light minerality and high carbonation make this saison a thing of beauty.

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