East Brother Beer Company

Ричмонд, США

Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale • 4.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 18.01.2023

At East Brother Beer Co, our brewing process sets us apart from the rest. While some breweries constantly experiment with different beer styles and recipes, we take a different approach. We don't chase after trends or constantly reinvent the wheel. Instead, we focus on perfecting the tried-and-true recipes of classic beer styles. However, that doesn't mean we shy away from innovation. Our commitment to improvement lies in experimenting with process rather than style. We believe in the philosophy of "Don't improve one thing 100%, improve 100 things 1%." We meticulously fine-tune every step of our process, from water chemistry to temperature control to carbonation to optimizing fermentation techniques. It's through these small but impactful adjustments that we consistently enhance the quality and flavor of our beers, ensuring that each batch maintains the same exceptional standards our customers have come to expect.

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