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Пиво Jenseits von Brut und Gose - Bräugier Craftbier

Sour - Traditional Gose • 5.0% ABV • 7 IBU

Обновлено 11 янв 2023 в 06:04

German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's book Beyond Good & Evil (German: Jenseits von Gut und Böse) encouraged a new morality, freed from the confines of traditional thinking. We think beer brewing should also be free, hence the inspiration for our newest creation: Jenseits von Brut und Gose (Beyond Brut and Gose): a completely dry kettle soured Gose, thanks to the same technique used in Brut IPAs. In our first batch we added Rose Hips and Hibiscus Flower to Himalaya Salt. Dry, refreshingly sour, with a hint of salt in the finish and a lovely pink color.

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