Пиво Vietraź: Apieĺsin i miata - Malanka

Wheat Beer - Witbier / Blanche • 8.0% ABV

Witbier is a style beautiful in its restraint. Every time we return to brew our neoclassical Belgian Vietraź wheat ales, we are very careful to replace the standard coriander and orange peel with other citrus and spice combinations. This time we decided to leave the orange play it’s role, but in addition to adding zest into kettle, we conditioned the beer atop the juicy puree of fresh fruit. Coriander was replaced with mint, which added subtle notes of menthol to the aroma. All of this, combined with a slightly increased strength to match the season, creates a real winter witbier, warming, spicy and aromatic.

Описание производителя
  • Пивоварня: Malanka
  • Стиль: Wheat Beer - Witbier / Blanche
  • Алкоголь: 8.0% ABV
  • Начало выпуска: 15.12.2021
  • Плотность: 17.5%
  • Untappd:
  • Солод: Pilsner × Flaked Wheat × Wheat
  • Добавки: Mint × Orange Peel × Orange
  • Рейтинг в Untappd: 4.091 (201 оценка)
  • Страна: Беларусь

Отзывы: 1

Цитрусы, апельсин, чуть мяты, булка, пряности, градус припрятан. Интересный вит получился.

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